Fighting the Cockroach Invasion

It was kinda like this one. But grosser.
Used under Creative Commons from Anil Jadhav

It’s the biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen. Its black body and wriggling antennae jolt me out of the stupor of taking a two am pee.

I can’t scream. If I scream, it’ll scuttle away into my apartment and I might never see it again. But I’ll know it’s there, watching me.

I need to finish peeing and not make any sudden movements. Not taking my eyes off of it as I stand slowly and pull my pyjama bottoms back up, I watch it walk on the edge of my bookcase, just past the bathroom doorway.

Don’t judge me: half of those books were there when I moved in! The shoes are totally mine though

It must be aware of me, but contentedly moves its feelers about, possibly eating the press board at the back of my bookcase: apparently they eat everything. Pressing myself against the opposite side of the door frame, I move as fluidly as I can to get out of the bathroom.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen cockroaches in my apartment. From what I understand – and in Korea, this sometimes isn’t much – the building is infested. Before this, however, the sightings were rare and the bugs were tiny and yellowish.

Tonight though, this bug is as long as my thumb and looks capable of biting or procreating. Wanting to keep the biting and the procreating in my apartment to a minimum, something will have to be done.

Once through the doorway, I walk quickly toward the bottle of RAID that Michael, the teacher who lived here before me, thoughtfully left behind. I creep back to the cockroach, half-afraid it’ll be gone.

It isn’t.

I shudder, then aim the RAID and spray. The body drops to the ground, its legs moving wildly and I shriek once, but keep spraying. I don’t stop until its legs stop twitching.

Then it looked kinda like this. But grosser.
Used under Creative Commons from Eric Molina

Its overturned body appears half the size it did two minutes ago. Staring in disgust, I can’t bring myself to pick it up, not even with tissues. It could be playing dead. Hesitating, I leave the light on as I go back to bed.

Spending the rest of the night reading about the habits and life cycle of Asian cockroaches, I go back every twenty minutes to make sure it’s still there.

It is.

After the sun comes up, I finally fall asleep, exhausted. Letting it serve as a warning to others, I decide to leave the body there. Let all cockroaches know: if we’re going to share this apartment, they’d better be a lot better at hiding than this fool.

What kind of vermin have battled at home? Are you braver than me?

When not battling the creature in my apartment, I was relating to my foreign coworkers. Read more in English is Crazy: Full Stop

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4 thoughts on “Fighting the Cockroach Invasion

  1. We have the same problem in North Carolina. Out of all the places I’ve been (mostly the tropics, including the Peace Corps in Honduras) and they’re worse here than anywhere else.

    Good luck with them.

    Enjoyed the post!

  2. Jumping spiders are very precious to me when they get in my room. I realize now after all of these years that they only go after other insects in my room and I love to keep them around the inside of my window. They get rid of all of the other bugs I dont want in the room. It was kind of funny because I kept a black one in my room for a few weeks. I even named him “Venom”. My wife did not like the idea at all that he was even in the room let alone have a name. But I tried to convince her that he had the ability to save her life. If a brown recluse was crawling on her and Venom was near by or tracked the recluse, he would strike at the recluse or at least ward it off. She tolereated Venom for about 3 weeks and then he suddenly dissapeared. When I asked what happened to him she smiled and said she did not know. I only had to get him off of the bed one time and move him back to a night stand. I did not see him after that. I loved to watch him track insects on the ceiling. He would go under the wall board all the way around the room and leave small web traps. He would go on like a bounty hunter searching for insects all night. Anyhow learn how to identify jumping spiders and allow them to live in your dwelling with you. They do not contaminate food and they help get rid of poisonous insects. The only thing they do that might disturb you is leave dead insect corpses laying around the house lol.

  3. Ooof, cockroaches. Nasty. We get lots of them here in Australia and I never get used to seeing the little nasties. The spray is good, make sure they get a good dose, and don’t take your eyes off them. I’ve lost many a fiend over the years because he/she scuttled away before I’d finished ;-)

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