Travel Blog Tuesday: Dayv Matt

Travel Blog Tuesday: Dayv Matt

What’s it like? You’re asked this question all the time. By your parents, friends, Facebook acquaintances. How can you possibly put into words what it looks like, smells like, feels like to live abroad?

If you live in Korea, your answer should be: Dayv Matt

Looking through his photos, I swear I can smell the same yellow dust and bundaeggi I smelled on my walk to work each morning in Mansu-dong. I’m looking through faces to see if I recognize anyone (I never do) because the streets look so familiar.

I come back to his Tumblr each week to see what new photos he’s posted and to guess at where he’s been in Seoul from the background.

You might even want to pick up a book of his best photos from 2008 – 2011. It’s reasonably priced, with shipping included.

My favourite photo this week is this girl in a blonde wig

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